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The Kaikoura Farm Park has 100+ animals for you to meet, greet, cuddle and hand feed, in a UNIQUE, traditional, free-range, hands-on experience.

About the Farm

You're welcome to bring picnics or BBQ's with you on your visit. We've a lovely decking area and picnic benches for you to enjoy your time, relax, and marvel at the glorious view of Mt. Fyffe.

We also offer LLAMA TREKKING:

And we have FIVE unique and unusual rental properties, including a Yurt (sleeps 4); Tipi (sleeps 4), House Truck (sleeps 3), Colonial Wagon (sleeps 2) and a Farmers Cottage (sleeps up to 6) - check out:, (or click on the menu on the left of this page)

Our accommodation guests enjoy FREE entry to the Kaikoura Farm Park, as well as a few EXCLUSIVE farm activities, eg: to help with early morning animal feeding.